What makes Ooblets unique

Wacky, cute, goofy, wholesome game to enjoy on this hot weather

I’ve been following Ooblets for a few years, and I think they’re one of the most famous indie dev couple making this wholesome colorful goofy game that I am falling in love with.

It’s not just another farming sim game mixed with Pokémon style creatures, it’s much more than that. This couple has created an adorable game with lots of wacky moments that make me smile.

Farming games are not my top favorite game but I do enjoy them, and I especially love the sim life aspect of those games.

It’s neat to have a farm, take care of different veggies, let them grow, and finally harvest them but that’s not what I most interested in.

I am not a fan of Pokémon so I was hesitant when I picked this little game. To my surprise, I found having lots of cute small Ooblets following me around it’s the most rewarding thing you can get in the game.

Rebecca Coglits and Ben Wasser the team behind Ooblets have a great job including these strange creatures.

How do you get new Ooblets? You plant them! First, you have to dance-battle with other Ooblets, and if you win you get 1 extra seed.

It’s rather strange, I don’t know how to describe the Ooblets; tiny creatures that you can pet of different colors and shapes and with its own personalities that you wanted and grow?

It’s an interesting concept that completely works in the fantasy world.

Little details matters

You are not going to get bored playing Ooblets, there are plenty of things to do and discover in the town of Badgetown.

You can go around the town hall, go inside every shop or house and interact with items, with a bit of luck you might find a new collectible. The interactive items are always the same but random things are replenished every few days (I love collecting things in games!).

Sometimes is a bit unclear what’s the purpose of those little collectibles are, but it’s just fun to go around the town and steal….whoops! I meant, borrow them until new collectibles are back again.

You know that feeling when you wake up and your garden is cover with weed or rocks? Well, you can just enjoy the morning braking rocks with your bare hands (this is very interesting, no tools just your hands!), pull weeds and branches or snap trunks, and have that amazing feeling of accomplished.

But be careful, your stamina will go low very quickly and a quick nap is mandatory or a snack (I can relate to this!).

The only tools you have at hand are the hoe and the watering can, sometimes is a bit annoying you have to refill the watering can all the time!

Ooblets world is very colorful and happy in general, it makes me smile. The characters and every 3D model are very simple with some gradients.
I love the way the devs have put their spark and signature on every corner of the world; especially with the unique characters, while they talk they perform a little dance with the head!

It makes me laugh finding the town-mayor dancing on the streets and enjoying herself with her loyal Ooblets following her.

The game even has its own language and terms; take a look at the glossary website to get the idea:


And what are these Ooblets you ask?
They are adorable harmless creatures that uplift the world, and let you pet them or dance-battle them!

At the moment I am writing this little article, I’ve got 10 different Ooblets and spotted around 20 and I know there are more to come!

There is even a laboratory where you can scan a new Ooblet and get a figurine to add it to the museum (Animal Crossing reference right there wink, wink).

The battle system

With no doubt, this is the most interesting aspect of the game, the dancing battle!

At some point in the development of the game, the team decided to change between classical turn-based combat which uses the abilities of your Ooblets for this unique combat system. I applaude the devs for incorporating this refreshing and original turn-based combat system.

The mini-game is simple, you wander on the village and you find other wild Ooblets minding their own business. You approach them and if you have the resources that they ask for, for example, 3 carrots, you can battle them!

Then you can select your gang of Ooblets and an animated dancing game with catchy songs starts. The soundtrack is brilliant!

You can listen to it for yourself here:

Each turn you are given a number of beats, each card costs a certain number of beats so be aware of what card you will use each turn.

Each Ooblet has a special move or special skill represented with a unique cute card.

The main goal is to get more points than your opponent, and your mission is to select the correct cards to achieve this each turn.

A very common move is, to select a card which gives you hypes, these hypes increase the value of the points given by another card.

There are some cards that affect your opponent, for example, stealing their own points (don’t be so cheeky haha!) or stunned one of the Ooblets for a turn.

If you win the battle, you get the option to get a new seed out of one of the opponent's Ooblets, you can choose not to take the seed or you can get it and… well, plant it in your garden!

This is my favorite part of the game, it’s fun, unique, and a very smart way to include a wholesome battle system; because this is a wholesome game!

I’ve mentioned this before, you can pet the Ooblets!

The early Access version

The game has been in development for around three years, I think it’s a great game with great potential. Unfortunately, the early access version is a bit short. I do understand completely, making games are very tough and even tougher when you are just 2 people on the team (I am exactly in that situation myself).

After 15 hours of playing, I completed the short main story that the game offers.

I still have a few side quests left, but these are mere errands where a character would ask me to give them something from my garden or a specific recipe.

I love playing the story mode of games and right now, the only thing I can do is keep growing seeds, and fulfill those leftovers quests.

Don’t get me wrong the game is still fun and I love it, but I would rather wait a few more months where there would be more story elements and more open zones to visit.

I know the developers are working hard to include updates and that’s what counts.

While I wait I will probably pick the game occasionally to have a quick dance battle because I love it so much!

You can find Ooblets on the Epic Store here:


I am Bee, an in indie developer creating Witchery Academ a life sim where you live the adventures of a wizard apprentice with your spirit companion

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