The rising of indie games

7 min readJun 19, 2020

A collection of indie games that got my attention in the past months

2019 has been a fantastic year for indie devs, and 2020 looks even better.

There are so many different games to choose from, it’s tough to keep up; you will likely find a title that suits your taste.

As a gamer and indie developer myself, I like to play all sort of games. Indie games, I experience amazing stories, incredible new gameplay mechanics, and I know there are wonderful people behind the game that has put their heart and soul on it.

The past year I decided to join some Discord servers where indie devs hang out, and a new world opened for me.

I join a few servers that I think deserve a proper mention:

  • Indiedev world order: There is a bit of everything, but this community are not only devs but gamers, streamers, and people who love indie devs.
  • Wholesome Games: Huge community with amazing people where you get to hang out with devs working on wholesome games.

I’ve discovered amazing games, not only the indie hits that we all now but hidden gems that will be released in the next months or years.

I’ve met amazing people. I’ve learnt a lot of things about how to be a better indie developer.

Both communities are incredible as they aim to help indie devs to promote games.

Wholesome games have launched something incredible this year, the wholesome direct where we got to see cute and very impressive titles that I am sure I am going to try when they come out.

Pro tip: For any indie devs out there that are trying to build a community for your incoming game, go and check some discord server like the ones I mentioned. Not only you will meet other devs and gamers, but you can find streamers who are willing to stream your game or have the chance to promote your game.

In general, Discord is a wonderful place to meet people, thanks to those communities, I was able to grow my twitter account and my YouTube Channel.

List of the best indie’s games I’ve played this past year.

A Short Hike by the solo indie developer Adamgryu


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