The positive effects of Digital Conventions for small indie developers

And the wishlist outcome

Hey there, I am Bee, running my own studio Cubenary and working on my passion project.
Witchery Academy is a cosy life sim where you play as a wizard apprentice. You train your magical skills by attending lessons at a magic academy.

As a small indie studio of 2 people, developing a great game is not enough; we also have to promote it, so people know about it.

The following graphic is the daily wishlist activity we’ve been gathering since we’ve published our Steam Page on January 2021, and we couldn’t be happier with our results.

I am not, by all means, an expert on Steam, but I am going to tell you what those nice pointy spikes mean (or what I believe they mean…)

First spike, January 26 2021: The first surprise.

After releasing the steam page, the next day, the numbers skyrocket to the roof! We had an excellent start.

The reason for this is we’ve already built a follower fan base on Twitter.

My marketing efforts for this occasion were a timid press release, a few DM on Twitter, an announcement on the IndieDB website and a shiny tweet.

Wholesomegames retweeted the announcement, and that helped to spread the word even further (thank you very much!)

After this initial solid start, we’ve had constant wishlists, some days more, some days a bit less, but a good amount every day.

February 13 to February 20

We had a couple of good tweets. We announced that Witchery Academy will be coming to Nintendo Switch with an initial picture of me holding the Nintendo Switch and the game’s logo.
This tweet generated 507 likes and 81 Retweets, and it boosted the wishlists!

After that, we posted an adorable video where you can pet your spirit companion cat. This tweet did great. It was retweeted by Unreal Engine account and Can You Pet the Dog. In this unique account, they share games where you can pet dogs (who doesn’t want to bump into a doggy and pet them!) and other animals on Fridays.

I decided to give it a try and posted on a few subreddits. I asked the mods of GirlGamers if I could post an update on the game. The post did brilliant (the best so far)!

March 29 THE SPIKE

This has been so far the most exciting moment we’ve had, and we couldn’t do it without the fantastic help and work of Indie World Order

We were selected to participate in the digital convention IWOCon, a game or virtual theme park that you can enjoy on Steam.

Picking your pirate avatar, wandering around different islands, discovering tons of indie games and enjoying various activities (sailing the sea, paragliding and playing soccer among other).

We designed our own booth!

The IWOCon team has done a spectacular job; they’ve worked countless hours to put together this unique way of showing indie games.

On the first day of the convention, we had a nice amount of wishlists, more than the average one (The convention wasn’t on the front page yet).

On the second day of IWOCon, Steam granted a spotlight on the front page of the store. After this we rechecked our wishlists and….. our jabs dropped; we had way more wishlists than on the first day.

It has been our record of wishlist count since we released our Steam Page. Since then, the daily wishlists has trippled.

We can’t thank enough the team behind this convention!
There were lots of different events around the convention. Several streamers played demos of the games participating in the convention; there were talks about various topics related to game dev. A few bit outlets picked wrote articles about it.

The convention activities are over, but the IWOCon on Steam is still available; have I mentioned it is completely free?

We are so grateful for finding so many amazing people interested in the game!

People have been very supportive. Our community is growing, and we have some fantastic supporters on our Patreon Page that make all of our efforts worth it.

We post weekly updates on Twitter, and we will keep doing this, expanding our efforts to other social media platform.

Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Witchery Academy you can find us on the next links:

I am Bee, an in indie developer creating Witchery Academ a life sim where you live the adventures of a wizard apprentice with your spirit companion

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