Mysteries for rainy days

3 min readNov 17, 2020

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You know that feeling on Sunday afternoons where the wheater is not your best friend, is cold outside and there is nothing to watch on Netflix?

Sundays are a stranger days; Your mind is getting ready for the next day, the dreadful Monday when a new week of work begins. It’s too late to do anything productive but the perfect day to enjoy yourself.

I am fascinated by puzzles, mysteries, riddles anything that makes my mind work.
One day, I was lying on my bed, scrolling through my Twitter feed when I stumbled across a tweet from Jupiter Hadley, and her article about Puzzle Post.

What’s this? I asked myself and jumped withought hesitation to the website:

This is fantastic for someone who enjoys riddles and mysteries (I am a huge fan of point and clicks, escape the rooms, Sherlock Holmes, you name it!)

Puzzle Post is similar to a board game, but you can only play once, and the goal is to solve a mystery.




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