And the wishlist outcome

Hey there, I am Bee, running my own studio Cubenary and working on my passion project.
Witchery Academy is a cosy life sim where you play as a wizard apprentice. You train your magical skills by attending lessons at a magic academy.

As a small indie studio of 2 people, developing a great game is not enough; we also have to promote it, so people know about it.

The following graphic is the daily wishlist activity we’ve been gathering since we’ve published our Steam Page on January 2021, and we couldn’t be happier with our results.

How to implement a simple interface for interactive objects on a map with Unreal Engine 4, C++ and Blueprints,

For this example, I am using Unreal Engine 4.26 with C++ and Blueprints.
You can download the project files here

You can follow along with this tutorial on the Video tutorial version here:

What is an interface?

An interface has a straightforward syntax that looks very much like a class definition.
It helps you to declare the high-level functionality for a particular feature, for example, interactables! …

How to use the dot product operation in Unreal Engine using C++ and Blueprints

When I work on gameplay mechanics, I often stumbled across situations where I need to apply maths.
When implementing my NPC (Non-player characters), I face a similar situation like the example I will show you here.

The dot product operation is one of them, it’s handy!
In this example, we have an intimidating giant blue cat stares at my salmon sashimi….

Don’t worry, the cat is friendly and only looks at you if you are facing it, and right there we have a clear situation where…

Little pet that follows you around using C++ and not using the navmesh

Who doesn’t like to have a cute little thing that follows you around while you go on adventures? That’s what we are doing!

Unreal Engine 4 has a fantastic tool to make this happen using Navigation, but today I will show you how to do this using easy maths instead!

You can follow along this tutorial on my Youtube Channel:

You can download the project files (Environment and animated cat not included) here:

Creating a Blend Space 1D to blend the fox’s animations

The first thing we are going to do, it’s to prepare the…

Equip and unequip items that a player can grab on the map using Blueprints and C++

In today’s tutorial, we are talking about inventories!

Almost any type of game includes the management of items. It doesn’t matter the kind of game. You might have something simple such as coin collectables or different items that you can equip and unequip or even different inventories.
This tutorial will address a basic equipment inventory. You have 6 slots, and you can carry 1 object in the hands each time.

We will have an input key to switch between items and another one to…

Save and load your game in UE4 using C++ and Blueprints

In this tutorial, we take a look at how we can create a save system for our games.
You can also watch the video tutorial here:

Download the project files here:

The MainMenu map and MainMenuGameMode

The first thing we will do is create this main menu to start a new game or continue with an existing one.


Creating a simple quest system using data assets in Unreal Engine 4 (C++ and Blueprints)

Unreal Engine 4 gives you various options to work with data when you want to include in your game things like dialogue or quests.

The 2 types I like to use are Data Tables or Data Assets:

Unique gifts for your friends and family

You know that feeling on Sunday afternoons where the wheater is not your best friend, is cold outside and there is nothing to watch on Netflix?

Sundays are a stranger days; Your mind is getting ready for the next day, the dreadful Monday when a new week of work begins. It’s too late to do anything productive but the perfect day to enjoy yourself.

I am fascinated by puzzles, mysteries, riddles anything that makes my mind work. …

Wacky, cute, goofy, wholesome game to enjoy on this hot weather

I’ve been following Ooblets for a few years, and I think they’re one of the most famous indie dev couple making this wholesome colorful goofy game that I am falling in love with.

It’s not just another farming sim game mixed with Pokémon style creatures, it’s much more than that. This couple has created an adorable game with lots of wacky moments that make me smile.

Farming games are not my top favorite game but I do enjoy them, and I especially love the sim life aspect of those…

Hey, Twitter, my game is out there, look how cool it is! No? Nobody?

Why I have a few little followers? I tweeted this cool gif, but nothing happens!
Yeah, that happens, all the time…it is the harsh truth I’ve learnt the hard way after many years as an indie dev

I released my first indie title last year, and I did a lot of things wrong marketing-wise….
Hard to accept but it’s never late to amend your mistakes.

No matter how good and amazing your game is if no one knows about it.

Side note: My background is not…


I am Bee, an in indie developer creating Witchery Academ a life sim where you live the adventures of a wizard apprentice with your spirit companion

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